ShastraTech: Leading SEO Company in Varanasi

ShastraTech is a highly renowned and popular SEO company based in Varanasi. For the past decade, it has been consistently delivering excellent results in the field of SEO to its clients. The company boasts a team of highly skilled and expert SEO specialists who can efficiently handle any project, be it a news website or an e-commerce platform, well before the deadline.

The expert team at ShastraTech conducts comprehensive website audits and structural reporting using both manual methods and advanced tools, ensuring thorough research. Since its inception in 2018, ShastraTech has been offering SEO and digital marketing services not only in India but also in several countries around the world. The company has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Top SEO Agency in India award.

The primary SEO specialists at ShastraTech are Digital Ajit and Gaurav Gupta. Their content is widely recognized and used by many global brands, including SEMrush. Under their guidance, the team in Varanasi is well-versed in how search engines operate and how their algorithms determine website rankings.

ShastraTech believes that search engines like Google continually update their algorithms to provide better results to users. Before starting work on a client’s website, Digital Ajit and his team verify the spam score and content quality, ensuring adherence to all search engine policies. This minimizes the risk of spam significantly.

ShastraTech is fully capable of handling any kind of digital marketing or SEO project. All Google Business profiles and websites optimized by ShastraTech are ranking on the top pages of platforms like Google.

In Varanasi, ShastraTech has introduced a training module aimed at helping youth and newcomers in the digital marketing field understand the concepts of digital marketing comprehensively and build a successful career.

ShastraTech is the largest and most prominent digital marketing company in Varanasi, leading the way in SEO and digital marketing.

Company Name: ShastraTech IT & Digital Marketing

Address: Lahartara Rd, varunapuri colony, Mayur Vihar Colony, Sikraul, Phulwaria, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221006

Phone Number: +91 8881880505


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